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New and top modern co-working space targeted ambitious and innovative tech-startups.

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A part of the biggest startup-community in Copenhagen

Univate is the merging of Symbion, the largest startup-community in Denmark, and The University of Copenhagen.

As a resident at Univate you become a part of a community with more than 30 years of experience in supporting and creating optimal settings for startups through knowledge-sharing and professional counseling. Further you get access to the Danish startup community, accelerators, business angels and big corporate companies.

Our community

Our main goal is to help the startups at Univate to accelerate their growth and to help them succeed. We do this, among other things, by offering professional counseling and cooperation with both corporate companies, universities, public actors, investors, business angels and the startup-community in Denmark.

As a tenant at Univate you get the opportunity to build valuable relationships and to be a part of interesting business partnerships. This gives you and your company optimal settings for accelerating your startup.

Close cooperation with KU and ITU

The location at the University of Copenhagen has given us the opportunity to initiate a cooperation-model with KU and ITU, which gives you and your company access to knowledge and research available there. Further, you get the chance to make use of their competences and to search for employees and trainees.

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Move into our coworking space

Private office

from DKK 4.807 per month

At Univate we rent out both small and bigger offices fitting from 1-2 and up to 15+ persons. We are flexible, which means that you can easily move from a small to a bigger office and vice versa if necessary.

Dedicated desk

DKK 2.595 per month

At ”Hubben” you get a dedicated desk in a shared office space. You get to sit together with innovative and ambitious one-man businesses. Included in the price is a height adjustable table, an office chair and a locked closet.


DKK 1.395 per month

A membership gives you access to work in our shared co-working spaces at our three locations; Univate, Creators Floor and Symbion depending on what fits you best. You become a part of our community with more than 300 companies attached.

Virtual office

DKK 475 per month

Don’t you need an office but rather a professional post address, the opportunity to book meeting rooms and a reception, which can answer your calls when you are not available? You also get access to join our meetups and seminars.

All prices are ex. VAT. 

At Univate you get access to

  • Free coffee and tea
  • Canteen
  • Free parking for both you and your guests
  • Cleaning
  • Meeting rooms
  • Scan and copy
  • Free wifi
  • Lots of lounge areas for informal meetings
  • Inspiring social and professional meetups
  • Short notice period

Contact us:

Have you got any special needs, would you like to hear more about our solutions or community, or are you interested in getting to see Univate in real life? You are always welcome to contact us.

Business partners

Københavns Universitet
IT Universitetet i København


As a tenant at Univate you become a part of the biggest environment in Denmark targeted startups. More than 300 companies have chosen one of our co-working spaces, which beside Univate counts Symbion and Creators Floor.

The opportunity to discuss with likeminded who is dealing with the same challenges as you can be of vital importance in scaling your business. We thus focus to create a strong community between the startups: A community, which gives you the opportunity to exchange knowledge and experiences.

No other co-working spaces in Copenhagen than Univate are located at a university. This gives us some clear advantages because of the fact that we can offer our startups easy access to knowledge and research from both students, professors and researchers at KU and ITU.

We arrange a wide range of meetups – all targeted tech startups. The topics may differ, but the aim is to provide information about IoT, AI and VR etc.

Additionally, Accelerace, who is a part of Symbion, support startups with a unique product or service, and they will be present at Univate. As a tenant at Univate you get to make use of their know-how and expertise offered by their Tech Business Accelerators.

Further, we strengthen the network by facilitating friday bars, breakfasts, pitch-arrangements, sports days etc.

Univate: A part of a unique story

The Symbion Foundation and a number of private shareholders, including the University of Copenhagen and Copenhagen Business School, own Symbion.

Symbion is thus founded on a genuine wish to strengthen and empower entrepreneurship in Denmark.

Symbion was founded in 1986. The vision was to create a unique environment for entrepreneurs by linking research and entrepreneurship with the knowledge and experience of the established Danish business. This vision still accurately describe Symbion as a business today.

We have 30 years of experience in helping startup companies scale their business. An experience that differentiates us from other co-working spaces.