Dedicated desk in a shared office space

Low cost dedicated desks
at Islands Brygge in Copenhagen

“Hubben” is our shared office space at Univate wherein you can rent a fixed seat. You get your own personal desk, a height adjustable table, an office chair and a locked closet.

At “Hubben” you get to sit with other startups, which gives you the opportunity to develop your personal network, to share ideas, thoughts and day-to-day challenges. A dedicated desk in a shared office further gives you the opportunity to spare with professional people every single day.

What does a dedicated desk in a shared office space in Copenhagen cost?

A dedicated desk at Univate costs DKK 2.595 ex. VAT per month and includes:

  • Coffee and tea
  • Access 24/7
  • Cleaning
  • Internet
  • Free parking for both you and your guests
  • Free use of meeting rooms
  • Access to meetups and seminars

Establishing costs and termination

Establishing costs for the rental of a dedicated desk in a shared office comprises:

  • A deposit of dkk.  (2 month rent)
  • An establishment fee on dkk. 1.995

Our contracts have a notice of termination on one month.

Ability to scale up and down

At Univate it is easy to move into a bigger office if the business is going well as well as you can easily get a membership or a virtual office if the opposite is the case.

Be a part of the biggest startup community in Copenhagen

Some of the very best tech-companies are residents at Univate, which guarantees you a relevant and valuable network.

Additionally you get easy access to the knowledge and competences, which both the students and scientists at the University of Copenhagen and the IT University of Copenhagen hold.

Would you like to get a non-committal look at Univate?

Does Univate sound like a startup community, which fits you and your startup you are very welcome to contact us to get a free and informal tour.

We have also got offices at Østerbro in Copenhagen and at Frederiksberg.