Private office
in Copenhagen

Your own office

In the largest startup-community in Copenhagen

Do you need your own office? At Univate you can rent both small and big offices, which are suitable from 1-2 people and upwards, and you can easily swap between office sizes that fit your current situation.

As a tenant at Univate you become a part of the biggest startup-environment in Copenhagen with more than 300 innovative and ambitious startups connected.

To contribute to a unique community and to give the companies at Univate the very best opportunities to expand both their business and their network, we mainly focus on tech-startups.

What does an office at Univate in Copenhagen cost?

The price for a private office at Univate depends on the size of the office you want.

Our smallest offices (1-2 persons) are 12 m2 and cost DKK 4.807 per month. Are you 5-6 persons we recommend 25 m2, which costs DKK 10.072 per month. You are welcome to sit either more or less persons at the offices than we recommend.

Note that all prices are ex. VAT.

All prices include:

  • Cleaning
  • Meeting rooms
  • Internet
  • Free parking for both you and your guests
  • Coffee and tea

How much space do you need?

Most startups may at some point need either more or less space. At Univate you have got great opportunities to scale both up and down depending on your needs.

You are very welcome to contact us if you want us to help figure out how much space you need. We are experts in assessing the appropriate conditions.

Establishing fee and termination

Establishing costs ex. VAT for the rental of a virtual office consists of:

  • A deposit (3 month rent)
  • An establishing fee (DKK. 3.850)

Our leases have a notice of termination on 3 months.

Price examples

Office Number of people Price per month
12 m2 2 DKK 5.252
17 m2 3-4 DKK 7.502
29 m2 5-6 DKK 12.504
69 m2 10-13 DKK 30.010
116 m2 15-20 DKK 50.517

You should expect 5 – 7 net square meters per person. Our recommendations are indicated in the figures above.